Extended Media Format


This is the +MF project; the goal of this project is to create documentation and software for this new format. +MF is an open source animation layer that I hope will make its way in to HTML. The functions are 3D (OpenGL), vector graphics (SVG), text formatting (CSS), and standard graphic filters. A project that I am looking to start is +FF (Extended Font Format), a new font format that is the same on every OS down to the pixel (or sub pixel). Right now I am looking for developers to help me create the software and web designers to help with writing the documentation, and I don't want to create a new format without the community helping in someway.

Help Wanted

I am looking for any programmers to help create this software, please e-mail, jfftck@users.sourceforge.net, me if you would like to join this project

Format Mockup (version 0.0.1)

h1 [  if(3d-rotation-x < 90) { 3d-rotation: ++0.1 ++0.5 ++0.1;
  } ^else(3d-rotation-x > -90) {  3d-ratation: --0.1 --0.5 --0.1;

This would make element h1 rotate until x = 90 then rotate back until x=-90, the ^ tells if to not trigger until else is false.

h1 [  background:1: url(image1.png);
  2: url(image2.png) bottom right no-repeat;

This would draw two images in one box, h1, the first is tiled starting in the upper left and the second would be in the lower right corner.
The 1: and the 2: are functions added to CSS and would have to be included in the +MF section and not the CSS section of your document.
Please note that the images are rendered from bottom to top starting with 1 at the bottom and 0 and all negative numbers are rendered in the margin area with 0 being the lowest level.
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